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Unique investment strategies designed to diversify portfolios and provide non-correlated sources of returns.

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We use goal-based financial planning technology to help clients create, implement, and maintain investment strategies that best meets their lifetime financial goals. Call us for a consultation.


Detailed reporting of holdings, transactions, asset allocation and time-weighted performance available through our online portal, mobile app, and Envestnet.

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Meet Our Experienced, Friendly Team

Whether its producing an absolute return every year or outperforming the S&P 500, Quadri Investment Management aims to provide high-value through its unique and effective investment management solutions for individuals and institutions.

By following a disciplined strategy, we hope to stave off against subjectivity and emotions inherent in investing.


midhat quadri, CFA


After completing a move to beautiful Las Cruces in 2004, Midhat Quadri earned his MBA from New Mexico State University in 2005. He got his start in Finance with Merrill Lynch in 2007 and moved on to become the Portfolio Manager at First American Bank. He is a proud Aggie and credits the move to Las Cruces as the best decision he has ever made.
Midhat is heavily involved in the community and has served as a board of director with the NMSU alumni association, CFA Society of New Mexico and Rio Grande Rotary.
He is also a CFA charterholder.


Nolen Howe


Nolen Howe, born and raised in a small town in Maine. He always enjoyed the outdoors and any sports he could be a part of. He entered the financial services industry in 2017 with Edward Jones after completing their advisor development program. From there he went on to work as an Advisor at Merrill Lynch as well. He began with Spire Investment Partners in April of 2020, servicing advisors like Midhat. He has been part of Quadri Investment Management since 2020 and is excited to help clients on their journey to a comfortable retirement. Please feel free to always reach out to Nolen with any question you may have.

Investment Strategies

QIM Diversified Models

To diversify client holdings according to their respective risk tolerance and financial objectives.

Distinguishing Characteristic:
We use a combination of cost-effective indexes and active management to reduce tracking error and retain the potential to produce alpha.

Implementation guidance:
Consider as a core part of the investment portfolio.

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